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Intro to MegaTrends

Megatrends are the major pathways of development. They help make sense of the complexity of the surrounding world and provide a platform for acting and developing strategic vision. Find out how megatrends such as Individualization or Demographic development or Technology breakthroughs could impact your organisation in the next years.


Intro to Foresight

We are currently living in an era of growing complexity and accelerating change. Make use of foresight to  better anticipate change, learn about markets that do not yet exist and find breakthrough ideas. Enhance your team future thinking and new problem solving skills.


Leadership Skills of the Future

The world of tomorrow will require leaders to master new capabilities. Find out what futurists have to say about it and prepare. 


Meet the 16-18 yrs old of tomorrow++

They will enter the workforce with very different capabilities, attitudes and expectations. Is your organization ready having them as employees? Or consumers? Or partners? 


Foresight through gamification

Experience the future through gamification (facilitated foresight simulation toolkits / board games) and enhance futures thinking within your organization




Get a helicopter view on the forces and macrotrends that may disrupt your business model, industry or domain.


EUR 950



Report + 4 hours workshop

A detailed view of the macrotrends, new consumer behaviors,  start-ups, innovations, and developments that reshape your domain globally. Includes the Disruption Check.


EUR 2.500 


Report + 3 days workshop

A sensemaking journey with your team to understand the change, step into unknown and create breakthrough future scenarios.  Includes Disruption Check and Explorer Pack.


EUR 9.800

Step 1. Once you contact us, we book a meeting together to explore your need. We take time to understand your entire value chain and the current market you serve.

Step 2. We map your current business model, identify and highlight the macro forces that impacts it and may lead to disruption

Step 3. We scan, research, analyse and provide you a report with relevant innovations, developments, consumer trends, societal/technological/cultural changes that are changing the shape of your system.  

Step 4. We meet and share our findings with your team and help you make sense of them.