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Before developing a strategy, organisations need to analyse and understand their environment, both as it is now and as it will be. Strategic foresight is about better preparedness for different futures that are all possible and plausible.

Foresight is equipping organizations with the tools and resources needed to ask provocative questions, challenge dominant logic, test assumptions, rethink opportunities, and reset goals. Insights about the meaning of possible futures also enables the organization to capitalize on opportunities, particularly ones that are in the long-term future that few people are aware of. New business strategies also can emerge from understanding these opportunities.​

In this section we will constantly add relevant and well curated resources for foresight practice and futures thinking.

Corporate Foresight Benchmarking Report 2018: How Leading Firms Build a Superior Position in Markets of the Future(2018)

Corporate Foresight and its Impact on Firm Performance: A Longitudinal Analysis (2018)

Strategic Foresight of Future B2B Customer Opportunities through Machine Learning (2018)

Combining scenario planning and business wargaming to better anticipate future competitive dynamics (2018)

Using Scenario-based Business Modelling to Explore the 5G Telecommunication Market (2017)