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Understand trends that impact your future. Decide what's next for your business.

'Organisations that value #FuturePreparedness 

are 33% more profitable than the average!'

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It usually starts with a visionaire who sees a need or an opportunity in the market. And taps on it! Gets other enthusiasts on board, and together they build expertise, design and launch an offer that people want. Badly. So they get courage. 


In this time, the world outside becomes a very different place. Competitors appear from unexpected places. Market behavior is changing. New technologies are promising. Customers seem to know more than they do. But how and who to make sense of all these? It feels too late to catch up. But maybe is not too late to make a leap frog.


Introducting futureStation

We spent the last few years in studying and unlocking change, trends and making sense of the future. Systems Thinking. Foresight. Future Driven Innovation. Mega Trends. Consumer Trends.


We are members of various research, think-tanks and trendwatching groups. We have an extensive network. And we have put everything we learned into Future Station. And it’s awesome!


Future Consumer of Shopping Malls  

The Book Shop of 2030

Future of Vet Industry

Future of Shared Services

The Future of Leadership

I am Diana Stafie and I believe we can change the future by choosing to act or not on what happens to us today. To this belief I added extensive training, studies and research on how businesses can manage complex projects and  shape their future through Systems Thinking,  Strategic Foresight and Futures Scenario Planning.

I am part of the 2019 cohort of International Certified Future Strategist program. I am also a certified Strategic Futures Analysis practitioner and an Ambassador in the Global Scanning Network from Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. I am also Associate Member of the World Futures Studies Federation and part of International Association of Facilitators.

I am also Certified Coach and Ambassador for the Exponential Organization Community (lead by Salim Ismail, Singularity University).


Previously I worked both as consultant in the Big4 environment (Ernst&Young, Romania) and also in a global corporate organisation (Royal DSM, the Netherlands).

And I am Magda Ropotan, an established Innovation Coach in Romania, a practitioner of Design Thinking, Service Design, Foresight, Trend & Future Driven Innovation, and Art of Hosting methodologies.


I am an alumnae of Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and  Institute for the Future - Palo Alto, California.


I am also currently one of the 16 Master-Facilitators in the world of FORTH Innovation Methodology.

My clients are both large multinationals and smaller companies, in various industries such as retail, insurance, commercial real-estate, services, logistics, telecom or IT. I am also proud to  be a board member at Innovation Labs  Romania  and  Antreprenoria, and a lecturer for Innovation at The Entrepreneurship Academy.

Before consulting, I had a successful career in Honeywell, Genpact and IKEA, in Romania and abroad. 


It is all about creating and valuing the future of our organisations.

About remaining relevant in the Tomorrow ++.

Let's build future-flexible organisations together!